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Jewelry Services

Meeting Customer Needs

I volunteer at the Arts Alliance Center most Fridays from 2:00-4:00.  Local customers interested in any services can stop by during this time to get started.  Fill out the contact form if you are not available during this timeframe or are outside the Bloomington area.

Services: Services
Maria's bracelet before and after.jpg
Custom match.jpeg

Jewelry Repair and Modification

Available to customers in the Bloomington, Indiana area

If you have a broken piece of jewelry, or a favorite piece that you love but:

  • The clasp is difficult

  • Some beads are discolored

  • It is too long or too short

  • You like some parts, but hate others

Fill out the contact form to get started.

I have a background in working with people with disabilities, and would particularly enjoy making a difference for someone with difficulty using their hands or sensory sensitivites.  ​

Pictured is the before and after for a recent job.  I replaced the peeling beads and put on an easy to use clasp.

Custom Design

Let's Create Together

I enjoy working with customers to create just what you want. As illustrated, there is nothing better than jewelry that perfectly matches an outfit. 
I have a background in working with individuals with disabilities, and would be perhaps uniquely qualified to make a piece that meets the needs of someone with mobility limitations or sensory sensitivities.
I can also custom make a car charm or phone charm

Custom Beaded Watches

Here For You

I love making watches, but only do so as a custom item because watches require a precise fit.  The photo shows an array of watches I have made for myself.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless!  You may provide your own beading watch face, or I can direct you to a site to select from many options.  Then we will work together to design the watch.  We can do this in person if you are in the Bloomington, Indiana area, or virtually.

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